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Page Updated 07/09/18


By Ed and Sally Metzger, founders of the VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association

During the business meeting held at our 2014 reunion Steve Davis was voted in to handle all membership and secretary matters for our association. Sally Metzger now continues as our reunion planner and treasurer.

VW-1 Treasurer
℅ Sally Metzger
268 N. Fresno Avenue
Hernando FL 34442,
Phone (352)-400-9097

If you desire you can print out our membership form follow the instructions on it and mail it to Sally Metzger at the addresses given above. If you prefer you can call or e-mail Sally and ask her to send an information package by snail mail.

Our yearly dues are $20.00, to cover the printing and mailing costs of our quarterly news letter, the VW-1 TRACKER, reunion planning expenses, and support of this website.

This association was formed December 30th 1998 by Ed and Sally Metzger, the 1st reunion was 24 - 27 October 1999 in Branson, MO. The members voted on having reunions approximately every year and a half, rotating locations from central, west and east coast cities and keeping the costs to a reasonable level.

Ed Metzger was nominated and voted in as President, his wife Sally as Secretary / Treasurer, Sally also became the Reunion Planner, Editor of the "VW-1 TRACKER" & Ships Store Manger.

Listing of previous reunions.

  • The 1st reunion was 24 - 27 October 1999 in Branson, MO.
  • The 2nd reunion was 30 April through 4 May 2000 in San Antonio, TX.
  • The 3rd was 30 April through 3 May 2002 in Pensacola, FL.
  • The 4th was 15 - 19 Sept, 2003. in Reno NV
  • The 5th was May 2nd. - 5th. of 2005 in Myrtle Beach SC.
  • The 6th was Oct. 23rd. - 27th. of 2006 in San Diego CA.
  • The 7th was June. 16th. - 19th. of 2008 in Colorado Springs CO..
  • The 8th was March. 29th. - April. 2nd. of 2010 in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL..
  • The 9th was October. 3rd. - 6th. of 2011 in Branson, MO.
  • The 10th was April. 15th. - 19th. of 2013 in Tucson AZ.
  • The 11th was Sept. 22nd. - 26th. of 2014 in Williamsburg VA.
  • The 12th was May. 9th. - 13th. of 2016 in Branson MO.
  • The 13th was Sept.. 11th. - 16th. of 2017 in Albuquerque, NM.

The next reunion will be April of 2019 in Branson MO.. We cordially invite all active members of the VW-1 Association and their families to join us in the festivities. Select VW-1 Association History for a narrative of our association. To check the status of our current reunion plans see reunion planning.

The association has 190+ active members, they range in squadron assignment dates from the early '50s to early '70s. We are a varied group, from career people to one termer's, Officers to mess cooks. Association members include, 'nose pickers', 'bubble chasers', 'tin benders', 'scope dopes', 'weather guessers', 'tweets and ditty dahs'. Our membership includes all years, ranks and rates, some flew the old PB-1W's others the Willy Victors.