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Article submitted by Robert "Bob" Taylor ASE-3 67-70 VW-1 Det "C"

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VW-1 Pamphlet
circa 1967


Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE (VW-1) was commissioned in 1952 at the Naval Air Station Barbers Point Hawaii, as the first land based Airborne Early Warning Squadron in the Pacific. The squadron's first aircraft were the PB-1Ws (B-17). In 1953, VW-1 received the EC-121K "Warning Star", a radar configured version of the Lockheed Super Constellation.

In 1957, VW-1 moved its home port to the Naval Air Station Agana, Guam, where the Commanding Officer assumed the additional duties of Commander Fleet Air Detachment, Guam. Guam was chosen because of it strategic location in the Western Pacific for combat support of the SEVENTH Fleet.

In July of 1961, AEWRON ONE was assigned an additional mission of weather reconnaissance for the entire Pacific area. The squadron immediately began training its weather personnel and equipping the aircraft with meteorological gear. Consequently, VW-1 was prepared for the many requests which were to come from Fleet Weather Central/Joint Typhoon Warning Center, also located on Guam.

Since its inception, the squadron has received numerous awards and commendations for its weather services and much praise for its leadership in combat support operations for the SEVENTH Fleet. In 1966, VW-1 was presented with a letter of commendation from the Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet for attaining 100,000 accident-free flight hours. The squadron also received the Naval Weather Service's Outstanding Performance Award and the Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet Quarterly Safety Award for all quarters of 1967.

vw-1_co_circa_67_r.jpgCommander Franklin H. Roth, Commanding Officer, VW-1;
vw-1_xo_circa_67_r.jpg Commander Ronald F. Carlson, Executive Officer, VW-1;
"Typhoon Trackers" Lockheed "Warning Star"
vw-1_1967_te-3_r1.jpg CREW--30 * ENDURANCE--18 HOURS * LENGTH--116 FEET * WEIGHT--145,000 LBS (Maximum.) * WING SPAN--127 FEET