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Page Updated 07/31/2018



As of May 2015 the web-page version of the "VW-1 TRACKER" was discontinued, the only version will be the Adobe Reader version.

Adobe Reader is available as a freebie and can be downloaded at, Get Adobe Reader. If you have an operating PC security program you will probably want to turn off the check mark that includes a down load of the McAfee Security Scan Plus.

If you have trouble downloading Adobe Reader please contact either Ralph Link, Scott Wagner or Pete Wasmund. We will extend the time period of making the web-page version available.

Select either format version and please let us know of any problems. The web-page version will no longer be available after Aug. 2015.

Adobe Reader version Contents Web-page version
VW-1 Tracker July. 2018 VW-1 TRACKER July. 2018, NA
VW-1 Tracker Jan. 2018 VW-1 TRACKER Jan. 2018, Reunion info NA
Jan. 2018 Jan. 2018, NA
Oct. 2017 Oct. 2017, The history of VW-1, series 5 NA
July. 2017 July. 2017, The history of VW-1, series 4 NA
April. 2017 April. 2017, The history of VW-1, series 3 NA
Jan. 2017 January 2017: The history of VW-1, series 2 NA
Oct. 2016 October 2016: The history of VW-1 Begins, series 1 NA
July 2016 July 2016 NA
2016 Reunion Photos 2016 Branson Reunion Photos NA
April. 2016 April. 2016 NA
Branson Special Feb. 2016 Reunion, Branson Special Feb. 2016 NA
Feb. 2016 Feb. 2016. INCLUDES AO INFO. NA
Nov. 2015 Nov. 2015 NA
Aug. 2015 Aug. 2015 Aug. 2015
May. 2015 May. 2015 May. 2015
Feb. 2015 Feb. 2015 Feb. 2015