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Copy of article from the scrap book of Mrs. Carolyn R. Anderson, Wife of the late Capt. Fernald P. Anderson first C.O. of VW-1. Sent by their son Col. William (Bill) Anderson USMC Ret."
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Naval Air Station, Barber's Point, Territory of Hawaii        June 25, 1952

New Naval Squadron Formed Here
To Operate as Airborne Early Warning Unit

A new Naval aviation squadron was commissioned last Wednesday at the air station here.

The squadron, Airborne Early Warning Squadron One, is commanded by Cmdr. Fernald P. Anderson. It will be permanently based at Barber's Point and will operate under Commander Fleet Air Hawaii.

Captain Gaines welcomes Commander Anderson WELCOME ABOARD -- Captain R. K. Gaines USN, (left) Commander Fleet Air Hawaii, welcomes Commander Fernald. P. Anderson, USN aboard the Naval Air Station Barber's Point as commanding officer of the newly formed Airborne Early Warning Squadron One, during commissioning ceremonies last Wednesday.

Officers and Men who will comprise the nucleus of VW-1 arrived June 7 under command of Lt. Cmdr. J. H. Copple, officer in charge of the NAS Miramar Calif., detachment of Composite Squadron 11.

The squadrons initial allowance is composed of four PB-1W aircraft, the Navy's reconnaissance version of the B-17G. They are equipped with high powered radar.

AIRBORNE EARLY is a system of using radar in aircraft to detect intruding ships and planes, and to give advanced warning of their approach to defense units. This system of detection can cover greater areas then can surface units.

More than 300 officers and enlisted men will eventually be attached to the squadron.