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Article submitted by Robert "Bob" Taylor ASE-3 67-70 VW-1 Det "C"
Friday July 12, 1968
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gdn_7_12_68_co_awarded_r2.jpg COMMANDER FRANKLIN H. ROTH, VW-1'S COMMANDING OFFICER, proudly accepts the Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon, on behalf of the officers and men of VW-1, from RADM Carlton B. Jones, COMMNAVMAR.
(Official U.S. Navy photographs by VAP-61)

NAS, Agana Guam -- Retiring Rear Admiral Carlton B. Jones, Commander Naval Forces Marianas, presided at award ceremonies at airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE (VW-1), Guam's Famous Typhoon Trackers, at the Naval Air Station yesterday. The squadron, having flown many grueling hours of weather "fixes" (geographic locations) on Pacific Typhoons, as well as performing its vital combat support mission for the SEVENTH Fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin, received the meritorious Unit Commendation from RADM Jones, in the name of the Secretary of the Navy.

The accolade, bestowed upon the squadron for extraordinary performance, read in part... " For Meritorious service from 15 July to 1 December 1967, in support of the typhoon warning program and combat operations in Southeast Asia, Tasked with the dual mission of providing typhoon reconnaissance and heavy airborne early warning services to the U.S. SEVENTH Fleet, Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE.. provided competent and reliable low level aerial reconnaissance".. flying at at altitudes varying from 600 to 1500 feet above the surface of the sea.

"The successful accomplishment of 269 of 274 "fixes" levied.. and making of 80 "fixes" above and beyond those officially levied by the Tropical Cyclone Reconnaissance Coordinator comprise a superlative achievement."

Also, "Operating unarmed early warning aircraft over the Gulf of Tonkin within the designated combat zone, and without respite from the heavy weather reconnaissance requirements, Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE provided vitally needed enemy air and surface surveillance and communications and radar relay services to surface units. The outstanding professionalism, technical skill, team work, and dedication displayed by the officers and men of VW-1 were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

gdn_7_12_68_vw1_awarded_r2.jpg A LARGE REPLICA OF THE MERITORIOUS UNIT COMMENDATION ribbon is proudly displayed by (L. to R.) Commander Franklin H. Roth, Commanding Officer, VW-1; Commander Ronald F. Carlson, Executive Officer, VW-1; LCDR Arthur D. Gordon, Administrative Officer, VW-1; RADM Carlton B. Jones, Commander Naval Forces Marianas; and Airman Thomas J. Forsythe.

Accepting the award on behalf of the squadron was Commander Franklin H. Roth, VW-1's Commanding Officer,. Immediately preceding the award ceremonies, Commander Roth held a personnel Inspection for all hands

In addressing the squadron prior to the presentation, RADM Jones expounded upon the importance of VW-1's advance weather warning to the people of Guam and the Western Pacific. Paraphrasing, the Admiral said that the the weather reconnaissance afforded the people of Guam and other islands of the Pacific, as well as all Navy installations and fleet units, is invaluable to all involved. Armed with such advance notice, there is ample time to prepare for the force of a Pacific typhoon, thereby securing far less loss of life and property.

With another season ahead, the officers and men of Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE will wear their Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon with pride, as they look forward to another round of service to the Fleet, and peoples of the Pacific.