Introducing Beth Davidow:
Beth Davidow and I have exchanged several e-mails over the past week or so about the incident of TE-00 landing "Nose High" in Atsugi Japan in 1964. This Grandpa Pettibone article came to me by way of Mel Davidow, Beth's father, several months ago.

Her most recent e-mail to me is included below as a further introduction.

She is planning on making a film for a possible TV show (documentary) that will give the story as explained in her proposal. As indicated towards the end of her proposal Beth seems to have access to a lot of original records to work with.

She is interested in talking with anyone who may be connected with this incident, passengers, flight and ground crews. Your input may help flesh out this incident or give added interest to the film. She also indicated (in a previous e-mail) that your personal story about VW-1 may be used so that the audience would have a better understanding of what VW-1 was all about. So if you have an interesting VW-1 Story let Beth know, you may see it presented on TV.

Contact Beth if you think you may have information that would be useful, in any case check out her website and see what she is about.

Pete Wasmund
Website Manager

Subj: Re: Nose high Connie
Date: 6/12/2005 9:25:20 PM Central Standard Time
To: petewasmund
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Hi Pete,
I've attached the proposal I've written for the nose high story. I have an editor, sound guy, and post-production crew with a lot of TV experience keen to work on this piece. As usual, the big thing as with any production is seeking funding! I really want to do the story, and will do so as a personal piece, even if broadcast may not be the end product - though I think it would be a cool film for the military channel! At the very least, I want to put together a great video for the people who served and worked with this unit & these planes. It's the best way (I) can honor you fellows who gave so much so I can be where I am today!

Please feel free to put it on the web as well as my contact info.

Thanks much,

Beth Davidow's film proposal
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