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Agent Orange Exposure
As A Result of Being Stationed on Guam

From Scott Wagner (VW-1 12/1965 - 6/1967)
Site Managers Note Oct. 18, 2011:
This first section, written by Scott is from a previous issue of the "VW-1 TRACKER". The 2nd. section below Scott presented additional information to the 2011 reunion attendees. This prompted several questions from the group which Scott answered quite well. Simon Becker who was employed by the VA verified what Scott brought out and added much additional information. Simon's comments and information will be forth coming.

It may be helpful to note that the VW-1 OPNAV report 1966 - 1967 Command History of VW-1 has entries about detachments in Vietnam. This Command History of VW-1 can also be found on the links page of this site.

Each time I read the VW-1 Tracker I am amazed at how poorly our country and the VA are treating our friends. I personally had no difficulty with the VA at all. I walked into the VA Clinic in Elgin, IL and showed them my DD-214 and they said, " are automatically covered for Agent Orange because you received a Vietnam Service Medal." Their care has been outstanding.

However, there are a lot of you who have not been so fortunate. After the last reunion in Orlando, I received several e-mails from a friend outlining the use of Agent Orange in Guam and the subsequent contamination of the water supply in Guam and particularly on military installations. These e-mails included the scientific document about water tests, Blue Ribbon Panel reports, Congressional Hearing minutes, well testing data, Lake Fena EPA testing results and VA appeal hearing results showing that the GI was entitled to disability benefits as a result of being stationed on Guam.

Therefore, it appears that our friends don't need buddy letters, or TAD orders, although they would certainly help. We should only have appeal on the basis of being in VW-1 on Guam. That may not be easy but I can give you the websites that will get you doing your own homework so that you can approach one of the several veterans appeal firms that work on a contingency basis.

Start by doing a search on the following ideas and sites:

This will give you some direction for your appeals to the VA. I wish that I could help you more, but this is all that I have.


Agent Orange in Guam and in the Water Supply at NAS Agana, Guam

I want to give you an additional helping hand in your research regarding Agent Orange on Guam. This is a list of just SOME of the web sites relating to AGENT ORANGE contamination of the water supply on Guam over the time that VW-1 was headquartered on Guam.

Start here. There are a lot of congressional inquiry minutes, and a lot of personal experiences and opinion, but this brings all of the bits and pieces into one central site. Be sure to read "DANGERS OF FORMER MILITARY BASES." Anderson and NAS were directly above the main aquifer on Guam.
Unfortunately this vet doesn't include his name or outfit, but apparently he was at NAS. Read the e/mails from other people.

This site brings together a lot of information found in the other sites that I have found as well as a whistle blower report by a MD, PhD from the University of Guam (Agent Orange 3 Guam)

More data/information is available at these links:

Here is a list of the diseases attributed to AO exposure. This is the official VA info. When I enter the Hines Veteran Hospital in Maywood, IL, I see a sign that states: "The cost of freedom is evident here." Please feel free to call or E/mail if I can be of further help.

or phone me at 847-888-4842

AKA: AX3 R.S. Wagner, VW-1 CIC, crews 7, 3 and 8, and occasional clerk for the Captain.