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Page Updated 3/14/18

Registration Form
Willy Victor Reunion
August 24 - 25, 2018

By John Greenup, Willy Victor Reunion Committee,VW13, 1964/65

First Name__________________Last Name_________________

Spouses Name _____________________

Guests Names_________________________________________


State_______________Zip ________Home Phone____________

Cell Phone_________________Email_______________________

Please list any food limitations or requirements you may have

WV Squadron Affiliation__________________________________

Years Of Service_____________Rate/Rank___________________

Registration Fee per Person is $100 - Number of Attendees = ___

This will be the number of Arm Bands and Box Lunches you will receive.

Total amount due $100 X Number of attendees =_$___________

Make Checks or money orders out to Willy Victor Group for the Total Amount Post Marked No later then May 30, 2018.

Starting June 1, 2018, all Registration fees will be $120. Any registration received after July 15, 2018 will be accepted on a space available basis. If you have a question, call me.

Send to: Jack Weber 839 Harlequin Ct. Highland, MI 48357

Contact: John Greenup, gree99999@msn.com, 989-213-8151 or 989-642-2077 or Jack Weber at jrweber2@comcast.net, 248-881-4069

Refund Policy: Cancellation before JULY 31, 2018 will receive a refund minus $15 processing fee. There will be no refunds after that date. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your payment. See everyone August 24th and 25th. John Greenup, Willy Victor Reunion Committee